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Who we are

MFlex belongs to the M Automoción group, which boasts upwards of 60 years of experience in the sector, and employs more than 700 people.

MFlex launched in 2009 to provide an outlet for remarketing vehicles offered by Spanish brands and car rental companies. We have established international trade as our main working tool. Little by little, we introduced new business channels, all related to the purpose of providing used / pre-owned vehicles, to cover the needs of our professional customers.

MFlex Mautomocion

M Automoción

When Claudio García García opened Masterdiesel in 1962, he could not have foreseen how far-reaching his venture would be. Effort and thorough work turned that first point of sale into the solid business group that M Automoción is today. Sixty years on, we are one of the leading automotive groups in the Spanish automotive sector. But we are also a family business committed to upholding the enterprising and courageous spirit of its founder.

More than 700 specialised professionals, our dealerships and our local garages are our greatest assets. That is why, at M Automoción, we are well prepared to continue working for 60 more years at your service.